Category: National Strategies and Implementation Plans


Tento strategický materiál bol vypracovaný Ministerstvom školstva Slovenskej republiky a publikovaný v roku 2007. Opisuje ciele stratégie, analyzuje existujúce systémy vzdelávania, prípravy a poradenstva, navhnuje nové riešenie systémov a opisuje implementáciu a dopad opatrení. Read more
September 30, 2008Tibor Kovacs


This document sets out proposals for an integrated guidance service provision approach in the autonomous region of Navarre in Spain aimed at developing a local networked approach to ensure more transparency, visibility of services and information for citizens, and to improve citizen access. Read more
August 6, 2008Tibor Kovacs


This document outlines proposals for the development of career guidance provision in the autonomous region of Aragon in Spain. Read more
August 6, 2008Tibor Kovacs


This report by the Career Guidance Taskforce of Malta (Manwel Debono, Stephen Camilleri, Joseph Galea, and Davianne Gravina) is intended to relaunch career guidance within the Malta compulsory education system by clarifying the role of career guidance, making recommendations on establishing an adequate career guidance infrastructure, and describing how career ... Read More
December 18, 2007Tibor Kovacs


The overall purpose of this Consultation Paper is to make policy proposals for the future development of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) and to set out a strategy that will address the CEIAG needs of individuals of all ages. CEIAG is an integral part of the Department of Education's ... Read More
November 15, 2007Tibor Kovacs