WELCOME to the website of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy. The primary purpose of this website is to facilitate international policy sharing and learning through the international exchange of knowledge and information concerning public policy and career development issues. The site contains many types of documents from different corners of the world linking career guidance and public policies for education, vocational training, employment, and social policy fields.

Its intended users are policy developers, national authorities, international institutions, managers of career guidance delivery agencies, leaders of national and international associations of guidance practitioners, researchers, and trainers of guidance practitioners.

2015 International Symposium

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The 3th Biennial Meeting of Higher Education and the World of Work (BIESTRA 2015) was held … Read More

El 3er Encuentro Bienal de Educación Superior y Mundo del Trabajo (BIESTRA 2015) realizado entre los días 7 y 9 … Read More

This 2011 publication by the Equality and Human Rights Commission looked at how equality and diversity policy issues were being … Read More

The National Audit Office, Finland, has just issued its report on the state and quality of the local … Read More

EU Ministers with responsibility for vocational education and training have just (June 2015) issued a set of Conclusions … Read More

Preparing the talent pipeline, youth workforce preparation and workforce entry, was the subject of the 7th International Symposium on Career … Read More


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